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With adjustable full visible color spectrum output, Flex Cine RGBW Mats allow you to take full control of color on set and on location without sacrificing power or portability. At 1/3" thin and weighing less than 3 lbs., Flex Cine LED mats are ideal for lighting in compact spaces, concealing on set, travel, and storage.

Adjustable full visible color spectrum lighting
Water-resistant IP64 1' x 2' mat fits into tight spaces
Flexible and pliable design allows for dynamic light spread up to 360-degrees
Color accurate up to 97 CRI (98 TLCI)
Powerful output up to 3500 lux at 1 meter
Backed by an unmatched lifetime limited warranty
Lightweight, compact design ideal for travel and storage
Corners equipped with powerful magnets and grommets
Incorporated Mat Sensing Technology for customized dimmer controls and powering
Wide range of light modifier and mounting options available
Heavy-duty cable with TE-9 pin connector attaches to Flex Cine Dimmer
Requires AC Adapter or 26V V-Mount Battery. Product will not operate on 14.4-14.8V V-Mount Battery.

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