Mole 2K Tungsten Par

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Mole Richardson 2,000W Tungsten Par

Introducing Hollywood’s first dedicated 2kW Tungsten Par. This fixture is based on the design characteristics of the popular DayLite HMI Pars, but using a conventional 2,000 watt incandescent source. Unlike traditional 2kW luminaries, the Tungsten Par uses a specifically designed General Electric 2kW Tungsten Halogen lamp intended for Axial Operation. By placing the lamp on its side and using a highly polished Parabolic reflector, the Tungsten Par is able to achieve output comparable to a standard 10 inch 5kW Fresnel. The fixture has visual and tactile focal indicators to determine lamp position and, when used with the interchangeable lenses, the field of light can be fine-tuned for optimum beam control. Other features include: a trough skid for operating and safe transportation; a low-profile yoke with a 5/8″ baby receiver; a locking, hinged front door for easy lamping; an onboard 2kW switch; and a 25′ 12/3 Edison extension. Standard on all fixtures are a stainless steel safety screen, spring loaded fourth accessory clip, and variable accessory clip positions located at either 90° or 45°. Compatible with all existing 10 1/8″ accessories.