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The MiniPlus is a compact, portable, dimmable LED softlight. Available in daylight flood, the powerful system provides soft, directional output. This broad lighting source is ideal to mount on a camera, wall, or any place that calls for a highly portable softlight.

Litepanels MiniPlus heads feature an output control knob for instant dimming from 100% to 0, with minimal color shift. Output is fully flicker-free and heat-free, and remains consistent, even as the battery voltage goes down.

The base plate allows the MiniPlus to be fully free standing, with easy pan and tilt adjustment. The Deluxe Detachable Ball Mount with integrated hot shoe allows for multiple configurations—on the base plate, camera hotshoe, or with other types of mounting hardware.

Available Light carries the Daylight, Flood model of the Litepanels Miniplus in a kit containing two Miniplus LED bricks.

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