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ColorBlaze TRX is a versatile, feature-packed linear RGBAW LED fixture with industry-leading light output. These powerful, stage-ready fixtures incorporate channels of red, green, blue, amber, and white LED sources to achieve superior color precision and a dramatically expanded color palette. ColorBlaze TRX is the ideal solution for theatrical and rental distributors, exhibition houses, theaters, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues.

Outperforms the competition with light output of up to 3,540 lumens per foot. Controllable in increments of 4 in to 6 ft to deliver stunning effects and intense washes of color for flooding surfaces and stages.

Expanded color palette adds intense yellows, high-quality whites, and a range of subtle pastel colors to the millions of saturated colors achievable with standard RGB lighting fixtures.

Choose from five-channel RGBAW in / out, three-channel RGB in / out, and three-channel RGB in mapped to five-channel RGBAW out.

On-board controls offer access to all functions and features, including addressing, diagnostics, and more.

16-bit resolution supports smooth dimming and precise color control. Adjustable dimming curves and LED transition speeds emulate the behavior of other Philips Color Kinetics fixtures and conventional theatrical fixtures with DMX dimming.

Accepts DMX or Ethernet input from a full range of Philips controllers, as well as third-party DMX and Ethernet controllers. Standalone mode offers both pre-set effects and the ability to play custom light shows stored on the installed SD card.

Clamp-mount ColorBlaze TRX to pipes or trusses, or mount directly to a surface. Industrial-grade constant torque hinges and locking handles offer stable, 165° rotation for dependable aiming and locking.

Auto-switching power supply accepts power input of 100-240 VAC

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