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ColorBlast TR is a rugged, full-color LED fixture designed specifically to withstand taxing stage, set, and touring environments. This rental-friendly fixture offers ease of installation and control, along with the ability to produce millions of saturated colors without gels or filters. It features a built-in power cable that can be extended up to 60 ft (18 m) with a standard 4-pin XLR patch cable.

Pivoting bezel and included 23° soft-focus and 10° clear tempered glass lenses let you switch quickly between soft-edge wash lighting and extended beam projection.

Industrial-grade constant torque hinge offers stable, 110° fixture tilting for quick and dependable aiming. Standard set screws lock the fixture in position without special tools.

Preassembled mounting base offers a range of options for mounting on the floor or various stage truss clamps. An integral safety bracket lets you easily attach a safety cable.

Compensation circuit prevents damage to the fixture if operating temperatures rise to unsafe levels.

Innovative elastomeric sleeve to protect the fixture and lens from the rigors of multiple setups and teardowns.

(The ColorBlast is 12″ long and has a 4-pin XLR connection. The light can be sent out with a 6-way or 12-way power / data supply (PDS-375 TRX or PDS-750 TRX). From this “brain”, the ColorBlast is DMX-able (5-pin) and can be used with a dimmer board.)