Briese Focus 330

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The focus 330 reflector is an extraordinary eye-catcher. You can choose to use it for large scale objects or as the main light for a fashion shoot. A lot of event agencies and prominent fashion designers decorate their events with the gigantic focus 330.

Briese designed the 330 as an ideal key light for big shoots. More and more often, however, it is used as a pure design object in music videos, television shows and corporate films.

The Focus 330 is compatible with the H2 and H5 (2K and 5K Tungsten) lamp heads, as well as the T4 (1.2K, 2.5K or 4K HMI) and T6 (6K HMI) lamp heads.

Available Light includes a Full and 1/4 diffusion with the Focus 330, along with all the other necessary accessories. We also offer an optional 1/2 diffusion, as well as 30 and 50 degree fabric grids.