Barger 6-Lite Strip

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Just what is needed in a backlight. A slice of soft, controlled light.

Since the Chimera strip is only 22 inches high, you can place the Lite Strip backlight where it is needed and not be in the shot. Place one behind or over the camera, add the grid of choice, switch on the bulbs needed, and there is a selective slice of light.

The 6-Lite Strip is only 34 inches wide by 16 inches high and 12 inches deep. It uses six 650 watt 120 volt lamps (FRK), allowing it to work vertically as well as horizontally. It has the same reflector and tray design as the V2 standard models with more light out the front and more heat out the rear, and it has a similar built-in speed ring.

The Barger 6-Lite Strip is compatible with a specialty Chimera Large Video Pro Plus Strip bag.