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Both heavy duty and lightweight, the Barger Lite is only one third the weight and size of comparable Fresnels, giving you the ultimate mobility and set up and breakdown time. A slim profile makes getting them into tight spaces very easy!

No more hot scrims, each globe is individually controlled allowing intensity changes with just the flip of a switch. With a built-in speed ring for a Chimera, no extra hardware is required.

Brighter and softer than any other tungsten fixture in it’s class, the Barger Lite uses unique bulbs from 300W-750W to save on power and produce the output of a 1K bulb. The Barger also maintains constant color temperature because of the individual switches for each bulb.

The rugged, lightweight 3-Lite fills the Chimera front screen, making it a truly soft source with only one of its three bulbs switched on. By using GE FCM-HIR 650-Watt bulbs that produce the light of a 1K, this work horse of the set can run on one 20-amp home outlet. Substantially more overall venting is only one of the many improvements.

The Barger 3-Lite is compatible with a specialty Chimera Small Quartz Plus bag.