Astera AX1 Wireless Pixeltube

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The Wireless AX1 Pixel Tube is an IP65 Waterproof, pixel controllable, decorative LED RGBW that can be mounted at event sites and in light up tables, curtains etc. A highly creative device that offers a large range of possibilities. It is also compatible with LumenRadio WDMX and all Astera remote controllers. AX1 Pixel Tube is a revolutionary lighting tube which can operate up to 20 hours without any cables or wires. With an Astera remote control the Tube can be easily managed, separated into multiple pixels or synchronized with other Astera lighting objects. The Pixel Tube can be inserted into design objects like balls, tables, tiles etc. For large-scale event decoration, several tube lights can be programmed together to display complex lighting structures and create stunning ambiance lighting.

Available Light Rents the AX1 Pixel Tubes in Single, 4, and 8-light systems. Each system comes with bases and accessories for hanging and mounting. Also available with AsteraBox with Android tablet for controlling Pixel Tubes.

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