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The Lightning Strikes 40K Linear light offers Lightning Strikes Patented lighting effects technology with dramatically bright light and precise control of lighting effects for sets, locations and concert stages. Lightning Strikes fixtures are mainly used to reproduce a natural lightning effect or other bright flash effect where precise control is important.

•Are dimmable to 20% of their output without losing, or changing, color temperature
•Shortest flash duration of 1/24th of a second
•Fully functional with all Lightning Strikes Controllers
•Are ETL approved, fully sealed, and weatherproof
•Are DMX controllable
•Each Lightning Strikes head comes with it’s own Single Unit Controller and 150 feet of control cable. Available Light also offers a Quad Controller and an 8-Unit Controller for use with a maximum of four or eight Lightning Strikes units, respectively.

The 40K Lightning Strikes unit can also run off of a Thundervoltz Power Pack

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