2.5K / 4K Daylight Molebeam

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This Combination 2,500W/4,000W HMI Molebeam Daylight Projector may be the most versatile in our very successful family (line) of Beam Projectors. It features an adjustable socket capable of changing from 2500w and 4000w HMI globes. The 24″ stream of daylight (5600º) produced by this lamp creates a stunning parallel shaft of light with the option of variable focus from -5º to +15º. This beam projector has the widest range of burn positions, both extremes, straight-up or straight-down, with no noticeable light variation. Molebeam Projectors are great for shafts of light through windows or foliage without the flutter usually associated with other “shaft” based lamps. Originally designed for lighting deep into large musical sets, these parallel, controllable light sources have come full circle from the heyday of black and white musicals to current day as stunning parallel beam effects. Equipped with safety screen.

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