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What is a Flathead 80? Basically, the Flathead 80 is a hybrid Kino Flo. Its design adds flexibility and versatility to the popular 4Bank portable system with the outsized soft light quality you’d expect from a large fixture like the Image 85. It can be hand-held, mounted on a light stand or hoisted from rigging points to work as a cool, energy efficient coop light. Here are some standard features:

8-Lamp remote fixture
Fixture includes Reflector, Louver, and Cardholders
Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps, plus visual effects color lamps
Mounts to junior stand or light enough to screw to a wall or ceiling
Removable center mount
Fixture runs up to 75 feet (24 meters) from ballast
High-output, flicker-free ballasts
Instant-on, dead quiet
Individual lamp switching – no color shift
HO/Std switching
Operates at 1/10th the power of conventional tungsten softlights
UL listed, CE approved

Available Light offers 29K, 32K, 55K, Cool White, Warm White, Green screen or Blue screen bulbs for the Flathead 80.

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