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The Dedoflex Octodome features a huge diffuser area (150 cm, 5’) producing a beautiful, wrap around, soft light.

Works with both the DLH400S daylight and the DLH1000SPLUS tungsten halogen soft light.

The Dedoflex Octodome is extremely flat – only 40.5 cm (16”) deep making it ideal for confined spaces.

The light output has to be seen to be believed and the light quality is absolutely stunning!

Available Light carries both the 1000W Tungsten and 400W HMI versions of the Dedoflex Octodome. We also offer an optional 40 degree fabric grid for the softbank. Specifications are as follows:


Dimensions: 150 cm x 150 cm (5 ft x 5 ft)
Depth: 40.5 cm (1.3 ft)
Weight: 1500 g (3.3 lbs)

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