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Ideal for studio use, F2 Modular Lightbanks are available in a variety of sizes to best suit your lighting needs.

The Modular F2 Lightbank is perfect for permanent studio installations.

Provides extremely even coverage for large objects.
Produces beautiful, long continuous highlights.
Lights mount on two 5/8” baby pins in every five-foot area.
The modular frame is constructed on 6061-T6 aluminum tubing.
Modular sections measure 3 x 10 ft. long, for fast, efficient set-up.
Rigid structure, but lightweight. The 10 x 30 ft. bank only weighs 200 pounds.
Can be center-suspended or supported by a roller stand at each corner.
The Modular F2 comes complete with:

Frame components
Lightbank body and lid
Internal baffle
Available Light carries the 10 x 30 ft Modular F2, specifications are as follows:

Chimera 10 x 30 Modular F2
Size: 10 ft x 30 ft
Depth: 3 ft
Weight: 200 lbs. (without lights)
Light mounts: 24
Technicians: 2 (provided by Available Light)
Set-up time: 4 hours

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